Field Service Representative Tip Cards

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As part of the APMI Program, the Field Service Representative (FSRs) Tip Cards were created to provide on-the-ground FSRs with a convenient reference guide. These cards serve as a quick resource to assist FSRs in supporting Brooder Units and farmers who are raising dual-purpose poultry (DPP).

African Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI)

APMI (African Poultry Multiplication Initiative) is a program aimed at promoting sustainable and profitable poultry production in African countries. It focuses on the implementation of a dual-purpose poultry (DPP) value chain, which benefits both the private-sector and small scale producers. APMI works with local partners to establish hatcheries, provide training and support, and develop market linkages. By empowering small scale producers and promoting entrepreneurship, APMI aims to enhance food security, generate income opportunities, and contribute to the economic growth of participating countries.


Field Service Representatives (FSRs)

FSRs are indispensable to the APMI program. They serve as a crucial link between the program and the small scale producers (SSPs) involved in the DPP value chain. FSRs provide direct support and guidance to farmers, offering training, personalized assistance, and advice on various aspects of DPP production.

In addition to their role in supporting SSPs, FSRs also play a vital part in promoting the APMI program within local communities. They raise awareness about DPP, engage with farmers, and facilitate the adoption of sustainable poultry farming practices. With their knowledge and close interaction with farmers, FSRs contribute to the development of a robust and sustainable DPP value chain, benefiting both farmers and the broader community. Their presence ensures the success and long-term impact of the APMI program.

FSR Tip Cards

The FSR Tip cards are concise reference guides which provide quick access to essential information during their interactions with small scale producers (SSPs). With well-organized content, the tip cards enable FSRs to find the guidance they need promptly, enhancing their efficiency and accuracy in supporting SSPs operations. These tip cards play an important role in equipping FSRs with the necessary knowledge and guidance to contribute to the success of the APMI program.

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