Small-scale Producer Training Resources

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As part of the APMI Program, the Small-scale Producer (SSPs) Training Resources were created to provide SSPs with convenient visual guides to support dual-purpose poultry production.

Small-scale Producer (SSP) Training Resources

The small-scale producer resources are a valuable toolkit designed to empower and support small-scale producers (SSPs) succeed in the poultry industry. These resources are specifically tailored to meet the needs of SSPs who play a crucial role in local food systems and rural economies.

Our SSP resources encompass a range of educational materials, guides, and videos that cover various aspects of poultry production. They provide practical information and best practices to help farmers improve their poultry rearing techniques, enhance flock health and welfare, optimize feed management, and implement effective biosecurity measures.


The Small-scale Producer (SSP) Training Resource modules cover:

  • Introduction to SSP Training Resources
  • Poultry Housing
  • Water & Feed
  • Bird Health
  • Business Planning
  • Nutrition
  • Backyard Production



With these resources, small-scale producers can access valuable knowledge and insights that enable them to enhance the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of their poultry operations. The materials are presented in user-friendly formats, making them accessible and applicable to diverse farming contexts.

By utilizing the WPF small-scale producer resources, farmers can strengthen their capacity, improve their income-generating opportunities, and contribute to the overall development of their communities. These resources reflect our commitment to promoting inclusive and sustainable poultry value chains that benefit both farmers and consumers.

Resource Formats

Recognizing the varying levels of literacy within the communities we support, we developed various visual guides to address fundamental aspects of poultry care and flock management. These resources are accessible in infographic, video, as well as flipbook versions – for use during community meetings. Translations of the video and flipbook versions into multiple languages have been provided to enhance accessibility. You can access these resources using the links provided below.

Thank you to our incredible partners who made the production of these resources possible.

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Ufulu Studios

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Small Scale Producers (SSPs) are individuals who engage in poultry farming on a smaller scale. They typically purchase teenage birds from Brooder Units (BUs) and provide them with ample space to forage in their gardens. SSPs usually start with a flock size of 15-30 birds, but it’s not uncommon for them to begin with just a few.

In addition to selling their products, SSPs also consume some chicken and egg meat within their households. Their goal is to gradually expand their flock over time, ensuring long-term growth and sustainability in their poultry farming endeavors.