In addition to supporting the construction of poultry houses, WPF worked with Love A Child in support of their Marketplace, which is designed with the idea of transforming lives. It provides jobs as well as a clean, spacious environment in which Haitians can sell poultry, fish, produce and goods created through Love A Child’s “Food for Life” sustainability programs.  
Love A Child Village’s Chicken Farm provides protein-rich meat and eggs. We raise both layers for daily egg production as well as broilers for meat for the orphanage and four other kitchens within the Love A Child Village. Both broilers and layers are raised and cared for by our Love Child staff, with the help from our Love A Child Orphanage children.

The laying house has been renovated and expanded to accommodate a larger flock so there will be more eggs available every day. Many of the orphan boys (and some of the girls too) like to help in the layer house and distribute the eggs to the kitchens in Love A Child Village.
Chickens provide an educational experience for our orphans who get to help work in them. They learn how to be responsible as they raise the chickens from baby chicks, learn to handle chickens safely and the importance of having protein in their diets, and much more.

The World Poultry Foundation worked with the Love-A-Child organization to provide poultry products after the 2010 earthquake.  Since then, the WPF and Love-A-Child have constructed a poultry production training school and program to assist villagers to learn about poultry production and marketing.