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WPF Staff travel to Kenya

WPF Staff travel to Kenya

June 17, 2019 / World Poultry Foundation / Share:

While attending meetings in Nairobi, Kenya, World Poultry Foundation staff took time to travel about four and a half hours northwest to visit small holder farmers near Keringet, Kenya.

This area is very productive and farmers, in addition to producing poultry, grow potatoes, peas, maize and other row crops and livestock.  The meetings in Nairobi focused on how mobile money transfers and credit advances may be used by poultry brooders (Mother Units) in Tanzania.

At the World Poultry Foundation, we’re working with several groups to secure working capital for Mother Units to brood dual-purpose birds for sale to small holder farmers.

Sharing snippets of our trips like these with you is important to us. We think of this travel journal as one small way to keep our partners and followers involved in the initiatives we’re part of. We look forward to sharing more photos from our trips this summer.

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Richard Fritz
Managing Director
World Poultry Foundation