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Spring 2020 Visit to Tanzania

Spring 2020 Visit to Tanzania

March 2, 2020 / World Poultry Foundation / Share:

The WPF staff had the opportunity to visit poultry producers in the Morogoro Region in Tanzania (196 kg west of Dar es Salaam).  The team visited several villages where Mother Units (also known as Brooding Units) were growing Sasso birds to 28 days and then selling them to neighboring farmers and villages.  The Sasso is a dual-purpose bird which grows faster, and produces more eggs, than the local breeds. The Sasso and the local breeds have the same plumage, making Sasso more acceptable to the local farmers.  The team had the opportunity to deliver some DOCs as we came across a delivery truck with mechanical problems.  We loaded the birds into several of our vehicles and delivered them to a distribution center, you can see photos of this in the gallery below.

Some of the villages were difficult to reach but the Mother Units looked well run and the birds were health.  Staff also had the opportunity to meet some of our primary customers and interview farmers.  WPF continues to work toward increasing poultry production, increase household income, improve human health through poultry meat and egg consumption, empower the women farmers and support the introduction of dual-purpose breeds.

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