From the Field

Tags: African Poultry Multiplication Initiative

July Visit to Nigeria

In July, I had the privilege of traveling to Nigeria with Mike Welch, the World Poultry Foundation’s Vice Chairman. Together, we visited Nigeria to meet with our partner in the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative project. We are pleased with the progress and the impact of the project is now ...

Dedicated to supporting growers

You never know what you’ll encounter when traveling through Africa to assist growers and poultry producers.  This light-hearted story of mishap was shared with our managing director, Richard Fritz, and comes from Tanzania.  We think it illustrates how dedicated to supporting growers our leadership, teams and contractors are, so ...

Checking in on Projects in East Africa

I’ve just returned from visiting Tanzania along with Mike Welch, who serves as Vice Chairman of the World Poultry Foundation. Our May trip allowed us to see first-hand the African Poultry Management Initiative’s progress in Tanzania, which is going very well. We attended the World Poultry Foundation’s ...

WPF Sponsors Training in Ethiopia

On the road in Ethiopia, I’ve been involved with the continued sponsorship of our training and education programs with local poultry operations. This week, the World Poultry Foundation sponsored a two-day training workshop aimed at field extension agents and veterinarians stationed here. It was great to see these professionals ...

Visiting Lagos, Nigeria

Organizations who are working to support the WPF African Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI) had the opportunity to accompany WPF staff in visiting several Mother Units and small holder farmers outside of Lagos, Nigeria. Staff from these organizations will be assisting WPF to measure changes the APMI will bring to farmer ...

Bringing layers to Tanzanian Women

As part of a market awareness initiative to demonstrate the value of the dual-purpose bird’s egg laying capacity, women’s groups from various villages in the Iringa, Tanzania area were brought together for presentations and talks regarding the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative. To increase awareness of the laying potential ...

July’s visit to Nigeria

Walking in the rain in Nigeria to visit one of the parent stock facilities used to produce the low-input dual purpose breeds for the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative. Biosecurity is very important and the only way in was by walking. Unfortunately, this visit was during the rainy season… – Randall Ennis