From the Field


Our August visit to Tanzania

Visiting with one of our first pilot Mother Units in Tanzania. Her first batch was 500 birds and already pre-sold to smallholder farmers. At right, 4-week-old “Kuroilers” ready to be distributed to smallholder farmers. Birds are brooded, vaccinated, and fed and ready for the villages!! – Randall Ennis  

July’s visit to Nigeria

Walking in the rain in Nigeria to visit one of the parent stock facilities used to produce the low-input dual purpose breeds for the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative. Biosecurity is very important and the only way in was by walking. Unfortunately, this visit was during the rainy season… – Randall Ennis

Three men in a taxi…

International travel: not always as glamorous as it sounds! This April, several members of the World Poultry Foundation traveled to Nigeria and other parts of Africa to meet with locals and check on progress of several programs in development there. “One drawback of traveling internationally is that the taxis in ...

Progress-in-action on Tanzanian hatchery.

From Randall Ennis: “Today we visited with one of our local partners in Tanzania to see progress on their new hatchery that is being funded through the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative. They are doing an awesome job. Now we just need to fill it up with machines!”

African Poultry Multiplication Initiative Check-Up

From Randall Ennis: “Recently we were in Mfinga Tanzania looking at potential Mother Unit sites for our African Poultry Multiplication Initiative. We had a great opportunity to meet with the local villagers and even visited one of the schools in the area.”

World Poultry Foundation Completes Successful Training in South Africa

Contact: Leah Mulcahy | USA Poultry & Egg Export Council |   The goal is to improve husbandry skills among small farmers, service providers.  STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – The World Poultry Foundation (WPF) has successfully completed its first two rounds of training to improve the production skills and farm management ...

World Poultry Foundation Announces South Africa Grant

Contact: Leah Mulcahy | USA Poultry & Egg Export Council |   Partnership with Future Farmers to Focus on Poultry Husbandry Training in the United States STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – Continuing with its mission to improve poultry and egg production in Sub-Saharan Africa, the World Poultry Foundation (WPF) has given ...

US Foundation Works to End African Poverty with Chickens

This article appears in full on Click here to read the full article.   By Gary Thornton, WATT Poultry USA Magazine The World Poultry Foundation has a $21.4 million grant from the Gates Foundation and a passion to improve lives in rural Africa with poultry. Can the World Poultry ...