From the Field

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WPF visits South Africa, in the nick of time

On the move again, the WPF visited South Africa last week. We went to visit our local partners as well as deepen our relationships with others working in the poultry space in South Africa. While in Pretoria, we met with government and non-government partners to brainstorm future partnerships. One exciting ...

WPF visits Hamara team in Zimbabwe

The WPF team took advantage of a decline in COVID-19 cases in Sub-Saharan Africa to travel to Zimbabwe this month. We went to visit our partners on the ground, Hamara, who are implementing the APMI model with farmers throughout Zimbabwe (and are also growing into Zambia!). Though the trip was ...

Sales Training in Zimbabwe

As part of the quarterly review, during the first two weeks of June WPF staff had the opportunity to visit the APMI program in Zimbabwe. We visited several villages where mother units were growing dual-purpose birds to 28 days, before selling them to neighboring households. Since the program only started three ...