Feed quality and access in the rural areas is a challenge for farmers and producers in the developing countries. Due to this, many producers blend their own feed from locally available feedstuffs for their livestock. This presents a problem, not on in formulation accuracy for the nutritional needs for their locally produced poultry, but also in the use of optimal ingredients for poultry diets.
Recognizing this challenge, the World Poultry Foundation funded the development of a Feed App through partnership with the University of Georgia. This feed App (FeedMix), which is available at no cost from App sites, allows the farmer to simply tick boxes of available feedstuffs (maize, cassava, etc.) and the type of birds being grown, and it will calculate a basic diet.
Since the initial launch of the App, farmers from around the world have requested additional feed ingredients to be added to the list. Therefore, revisions to add additional ingredients have been completed and we will continue to update as requests are made.